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- Aseprite (
- GIMP (for finding aspect ratios and sizes)

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accidentally made this for a facebook profile banner. I was so happy with it i set it everywhere, including here! I did have to made an alternate version for YouTube, and i think that turned out great too!

i should stop making practically impossible achievements for this now has... 🥁 Achievements! (redacted some of the names and descriptions to avoid spoilers)

Just set up a 404 page, which i think looks pretty good. It even has sound, straight from .
The main design of the site came from
@vukky's anti-web3 page, oddly enough.

Just started work on a fairly basic page based on OneShot

I hate when Musixmatch curators lock lyrics that are obviously incorrect or just infuriating because the grammar is inconsistent

Both songs in the Tweet include potentially disturbing lyrics in Japanese then English (though Pumped Up Kicks' chorus isn't that bad) 

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OK, finally back up and running with Mastodon after a previous goofed-up test attempt. I think I managed to fracture my tiny slice of the fediverse somehow! I’m learning, though, and having fun at the same time. 😅

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